Lottie’s Song – Please Share and help save lives.


Available for download 7 Jul Lottie's song - The Gift of Life

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For those of you who have just landed on this site, there is a very exciting and important event about to happen. Lottie aka ‘Chip’ is the smallest and youngest baby in the world to have survived a liver transplant. On 7th July we are releasing a charity single which tells a story of her fight for life and is being used to raise awareness of a National Shortage of Organ Donors and also raise money for four key charities. It was the brain child of Tina Hawker and is written and performed by Nick Tilley

Lottie’s Song is now available on iTunes and Amazon for download on 7 July 2012.
Nick Tilley - Lottie's Song (the Gift of Life)

Available for download 7Jul Lottie's song - The Gift of LifeLottie’s Song CD

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Lottie’s Song – please support her

Lottie’s Song will be released on 7th July 2012 and will available for digital download from iTunes, amazon and all of the major download sites.

The sales of the CD’s will go towards helping other “Lotties” parents or families




Lottie is Supporting:

Children's Liver Disease Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Cots for Tots - The Grand Appeal












Lottie is being supported by:


Home at last….


Wonderful wonderful wonderful -

Lottie Bryon-Edmond

Lottie is now home where she belongs with her lovely Mommy and Daddy. She has once again captured the hearts of the and has been telling her story on BBC

BBC Devon – click here to read the latest

BBC Radio Devon click here to hear the interview. Chris is at 5 mins and Julie at 1hr 5mins on the timeline

BBC Spotlight News at 6.30 pm tonight for all viewer in the South West but if you cant make it then click here at about 9.00pm for an iplayer catchup

Latest News – Lottie takes after her ‘andad


Lottie Bryon-Edmond great Grand Daughter of the Famous World War II serial Escapist tunneler known as ‘The Mole’ and the inspiration to the film The Great Escape ( John Fancy or ‘andad to the Family) has apparently inherited some of ‘andad’s genes.

Andad the Mole

Great 'andad - John Fancy the WWII serial escapist - thought to be the inspiration of Lottie's bid for freedom!

She is pictured below after nurses caught her sneaking off undercover. A hospital spokesperson said.. she would have gotten away with it if it were not for all of the wires and tubes protruding from the car seat.

Caught in the act of escaping

Its the Cooler for Lottie next time hospital staff warning issued.

Hospital security has been ramped up and additional steps have been put in place to prevent any further unauthorised escapes. Also a ‘cooler’ warning has been issued to Lottie..


It is not sure yet wether she acted alone or had accomplices but suffice to say she is a little sausage who needs to wait just a little longer before she is ready to come home…. xx



Launch Date approaches for Lotties Song

So… Here is some of the story about my new song

My Mommy and Daddy

Not so long ago

Had a somewhere over the rainbow dream

La la la la la… the rest you will have to wait for.. I do love my song….

As you can see from the picture, my hero songwriter Nick Tilley gave me a cuddle the other day when I heard my lovely song at the music mill recording studio.

Now today the lovely Clare Casson is going to be telling you all about the story behind the song and how it was made.

The song is all about me but it is all about you too.

Tune into BBC Spotlight today and see what I mean.

We want all of you to hear my story which Nick sings about. He is such a clever man and has made lots of people have the red eye thing when they listen to it.

Lots of special people have helped to make the song too.

Aunty Tina who had the idea in the first place and asked Nick to write a song xxx thanks Aunty Tina xxxx

Digby Smith (the man with the flashy buttony slidy toys at the music mill studio) gave me a cuddle too. He is really famous and has pushed the slidy buttony things for some people my daddy has heard of like
- Led Zeppelin (I think that sounds like a boys toy)
- All of the Beatles (He must be really clever to get Beatles to sing)
- And lots of people at a place called Island Records (I like that name it sounds yummy) like a man called Bob Marley.

Xxxx big cuddles to you too

Shaun who said he was in charge of the making the slidy buttony toy work properly and apparently had fun playing with tinkly boomy toys called drums and shaky things called percrushem

Xxx Thank you Shaun xx